Shame on you, Netbeans.

My Java IDE of choice for the last 10 years has been Netbeans. One of the first things I do after I installing an OS is to install a JDK, Maven, and Netbeans. My old laptop is a Dell Latitude e6500 running Fedora 19, and all my development tools (Netbeans, Maven, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Docker, Gradle, PostgreSQL) have been working great without any issues.

Sadly enough this is not the case anymore with the Precision 5510, due to Netbeans (or Java/Swing?) HiDPI scaling issues. In case you wonder, this is how it looks:

Netbeans with the default theme on a HiDPI screen

This is with the default theme. Notice how the fonts sometimes “overflow” from the text fields into the surrounding panel, how the Start Page looks, and how tiny the icons are. Not pretty.

Strangely, the scaling works differently with the newly released Darkula theme. Actually, it doesn’t scale at all – but at least it’s consistent:

Netbeans with Darkula theme on a HiDPI screen

It might be waiting for JEP 263 to be implemented before it gets resolved, but since that might take some time it might need to be fixed by the Netbeans team as a temporary workaround.

Note: Java/Swing applications aren’t the only ones suffering from inability to scale on HiDPI/4k screens, also other (non-GTK based applications) such as Skype have these issues.

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