A small summary

After a couple of weeks with elementary OS “Freya” on the 5510, here’s a quick summary of the issues identified:

  • Shutdown + Suspend issues

I haven’t been able to find a solution for the problems with suspending or shutting down the laptop. As kernel parameters I’m using acpi=force quiet splash (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”acpi=force quiet splash” in /etc/default/grub), but this has so far only resolved the problem with starting.

  • HiDPI issues

Several applications can’t handle 4k screens yet, the ones I have identified so far are Grub(v2), LightDM, Skype, Netbeans.

  • Various

The open-source graphics driver (freedesktop.org noveau) sometimes creates some strange visual artifacts when switching between windows with alt+tab,  and I have an issue with (GTK?) widgets not appearing until you hover over them with the cursor.

All in all, it’s mostly “bearable” even if the shutdown + suspend issues are getting a bit tiresome. The HiDPI issues were of course expected to some extent, and I guess this is what you get when you buy next-gen hardware. Regardless of the issues above I’m keeping elementary OS (hey, I payed $10 for it so I can’t just throw it away 😉 ) simply because of its sleek and snappy desktop environment.

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